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Milestone has changed their contact information!

  • Phone: 780.691.4465
  • Mailing Address: Box 1075, Onoway, AB, T0E 1V0
  • Milestone's Contact Page now has a form to submit questions and concerns directly from our website for your convenience!

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I'm Lynnette!

From a young age, I learned that I could use my artistic talent to express myself in new and creative ways. My eye for detail and interest in making a real impact on local Village life led me to where I am today.

Since Milestone hired me in October of 2022, I have worked happily for Milestone part-time. I spend my days supporting Milestone and the Municipalities under Milestone’s care.

As of late, with the help of my colleagues, for verbiage and fact-checking, (as I don't know everything yet,) I have accomplished designing and publishing Milestone’s website. I have also been able to get into the municipal websites and start making some upgrades for the Municipalities.

Back in December, I also had the opportunity and pleasure to express my love for local community news, with the Winter Newsletters for the Village of Spring Lake, Summer Villages of Seba Beach, Betula Beach, and Lakeview.

Getting to know and learn about the different municipalities has been my greatest joy since starting with Milestone. Who knew I’d find a new purpose and excitement in learning about Municipal Government? I am excited to acquire formal education to help me serve all of you better. I am even more excited to meet everyone and hope to have a long and productive working relationship with Milestone Municipal Services!

- Lynnette Kraley