What is a CAO?

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of a municipality and reporting directly to Council. The CAO is in charge of specific administrative departments, such as Finance, and Human Resources.

Communication & Transparency

We strive to provide education on policies, programs and plans, as educating the public through transparency and clear information is proven to increase support and trust in a municipal governing body, as a whole.

To further aid in this, we show our respect by collecting and representing resident feedback, as their voice is essential to any community. Precise communication is an important piece of how any municipality functions, but also contributes to the future sustainability of the municipality and that is our top priority as a municipal services provider.

Autonomy & Individuality of Smaller Municipalities

Working with several smaller municipalities, Milestone Municipal Services Inc. understands the unique attributes and characteristics of smaller municipalities.

While it is important that we are diligently compliant with the Alberta Municipal Government Act, federal and provincial laws and regulations, it is also significantly important to recognize the autonomy and individuality of our municipalities, policies and programs that work within their parameters and resources.

Strong Leadership

Milestone provides strong leadership, relevant advice and information to Council, which enhances the ability of all stakeholders to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their community’s future. We believe working with and engaging current municipal staff in a healthy team environment, now and in the future, is so important to the success of any municipality.