Emily House

Emily House is one of two Executive Managing Partners within Milestone Municipal Services Inc. She brings over 26 years of Executive Administration experience and 16 years of Executive Municipal Management experience as the Chief Administrative Officer to the Village of Spring Lake, Summer Villages of Seba Beach, Kapasiwin, Betula Beach, and Lakeview.


Emily received her Business Administration Diploma in 1995 from the Southern Alberta Institution of Technology and went on to graduate, with distinction in 2014, from the University of Alberta, where she received her National Advanced Certificate in Local Administration Level 1 and 2 certifications. Emily’s experience is complemented by her position as Clerk for several Subdivision and Development Appeal Boards, which include the Town of Onoway, the Town of Mayerthorpe, the County of Barrhead, and many Summer Villages in the area.

Emily spends her days working the five municipalities under Milestone's charge, splitting her time between the Village of Spring Lake and the Summer Village of Seba Beach. As the CAO of five municipalities, she is very busy!

Steve Provence

Steve Provence is an Executive Managing Partner for Milestone Municipal Services. He has over 20 years of experience in Executive Management and Site Supervision, both in Hospitality and Oil & Gas Services.

Steve’s major roles within Milestone are in Health and Safety, Human Resources, and Public Works.


Steve spends his days between the Administration Offices and Public Works of the Village of Spring Lake and the Summer Village of Seba Beach. He implements and directs Safety and HR policies.

Janet Zaplotinsky

Janet is Milestone's Executive Administrative Assistant and Office Manager. She Spends her days taking care of any and all items that come up for the municipalities under Milestone's care.



Janet’s main priority is managing the office in Spring Lake and supporting Emily with her Chief Administrative Officer duties. Janet handles everything from Payroll to Year-End responsibilities. She’s well-versed in most Standard Operating Procedures within the Village of Spring Lake, and she is incredibly knowledgeable about the area, its history, and its residents.

Lynnette Kraley

Lynnette is the newest addition to the Milestone Team, having started in October of 2022. Lynnette spends her days in Spring Lake, learning the business and supporting daily procedures in Municipal Administration. 

Lynnette comes to us with over 15 years of Administrative experience and she leans towards marketing with her skills and interests. Lynnette has been the creative butterfly behind Milestone’s Website, designing graphics and creating posts for our municipal social media responsibilities as well. 

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